Fish And The Man : A Blue Revolution

Fish and other types of seafood have a unique relationship with Humans. It is a means of livelihood to millions and also appears as a reasonably priced yet important ingredient of the diet of millions of humans from time eternal. Fish also has an important role to play in the biodiversity of sea life. Fish is helpful in a lot of areas – right from being worshipped as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu (Matsyavatar), being used in cosmetics, dietary supplements and health foods to bringing in foreign trade and currency and providing opportunities of employment, Fish is an important part of our ecosystem.

Whenever a connection between fish and humans is mentioned, people often remember the ships and boats that sail out to the sea and rock on the waves, or the traditionally dressed fisherman in his unique hair do. The always crowded and chaotic fish markets which are known to be very noisy, the wonderful and rhythmic and traditional foot tapping folk music and the tasty and healthy sea food cannot be forgotten. Nearshore fishing as well as deep-sea fishing, each has its own specialities. Prawns farming, Oyster farming, caged fish farming, and the technology of fancy fish rearing are some of the things that provide a complete and unique experience in itself. Each of these activities presents itself as a different relationship between fish and humans.

In order to further develop and enhance this relationship between fish and humans, in association with ‘Neelkranti’ fish tourism center, a ‘Neelkranti’ center is going to be set up in Kolamb, Malvan and Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra. This is the first of its kind center in Konkan that is set up in a container house. Along with providing a place for tourism, these centres are also known to provide employment opportunities in fish farming and other employment ready skills development programs. Along with the wonderful and picturesque natural beauty of Konkan region this program provides another way to experience the eternal relation between fish and humans…. This is ‘Neelkranti’

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